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Design is the silent Ambassador of your brand - Paul Rand

brands & corporate identity.

Branding is the process of giving purpose, values and promise to your customers.


It is a strategy which goes far beyond your company symbol (logo) and helps customers to quickly identify and experience your company products or services. By defining what this particular brand represents and what it does not - which in turn gives customers a reason to use it over others,


ZOO's objective is to help businesses attract and retain loyal customers as well as their stakeholders, by delivering an outstanding presence that is always aligned with what your company promises, and is readily identified and recognised for that in the crowded marketplace.


Your product can be anything from a tech start up idea or online shop, to a bricks and mortar business - we will brand you and give you a voice in the industry you sell in.

Our experience is vast, and our effort endless. We will strive together with you to achieve your ultimate goal - which is to be recognised for the product and service you provide.

ZOO has created a history of brands which speak for themselves!

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Be it a 'brand' new business, or an existing logo that requires a face lift - perhaps a reinvention of your business in a competitive marketplace - the quality and adaptability of your company emblem is imperative. ZOO will do an audit of your existing logo and marketing materials, and it's use in both the online and offline environments. We will use a systematic turn-key approach to seamlessly transition your business from zero to hero in no time at all.

marketing literature.

What is your identifiable market differentiator?

At ZOO we spread your message - through tailored masterpieces that make you proud!  

Your company literature becomes the voice that needs no words. ​These are the single most repetitive visuals that are most constantly seen in front of your audience by way of brochures, and other print material - right down to the way you package your final product or service.

As a communications specialist, our aim is to preserve your brand identity, and enhance the memories and experiences it holds for your audience!

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"choice is the only thing that separates man from animals..."


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