"The presentation, ideas, overall feel and expression of them will be the show"
- Don Lambert

interiors & styling

Interior branding is that immersive experience which can very quickly have a positive or negative impact almost as soon as one enters a particular space.
At ZOO we commit to your defining and aligning your brand in whichever space it lies.
From the moment someone walks in, to the time they leave, they will know who you are and what you represent. '
We are driven by high impact imaginative solutions that emanates the core culture of your brand.

real estate staging

A well apppointed room or development, immediately adds value to any property.

The careful layout of rooms and common spaces functions as a hook and entices your visitors and makes it instantly more appealing for them to stay.

We create a seamless follow through from the pictures on your marketing collateral to the first impression of your visitor who can physically engage with the beautiful and well thought of interiors and exterior spaces.

Strategic and functional design can be instantly more appealing to any buyer or visitor, and can encourage them to keep coming back to indulge in the beauty of their surroundings.

At ZOO we collaborate, plan and source unique and interesting furnishings and fittings, sometimes with tangible value of their own.

commercial & retail

Be it beer, clothes or finance that you sell, we will make your space look great! Then all you have to do, is be proud of your radiating presence, and then get on with the business you know so well!

The functional planning of your space is first and foremost for us. We will tailor solutions for your store or office that effectively speaks the message of your brand.

We will distinguish you from your competitors, and we love the challenge of designing incredibly amazing spaces for with tricky parameters and constraints for small or large commercial interiors alike. Our work is diverse, distinctively unique and is carefully attuned to the people that will be using your space.




We create workplace environments that fit the brand identity of a company.


We design, plan and deliver high quality and functional work spaces, from office refurbishments to full commercial fit outs.


We will improve the layouts of existing spaces or create new spaces that can improve collaboration with shared working and meeting environments. Our highly experienced team will create modern, attractive and practical solutions for any corporation.