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"Why be afraid to stick your neck out there?"
- James (Ed) Spencer

media & advertising

No matter how small or large your business presence is, we will provide you with the best online and offline options to suit your business needs.

Since the inception of the Internet, ZOO has been instrumental in innovative support for the industry. We branded and produced marketing materials for OzEmail, Australia's first internet service provider

We are also responsible for setting up Australia's first online advertising media placement for Web Wide Media (later Softbank Interactive) and for launching the world's first coin operated Internet Public Access Terminals (IPATs).


social media marketing

Social media marketing has become a critical form of advertising for all businesses today. With increasing numbers of businesses competing on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin for example. It fast becomes a full time job for any business owner needing to keep abreast of the rules and regulations governing this type of marketing.

Social media landscapes are always changing. At ZOO we make it our job to keep abreast, understand and navigate the boundaries for such marketing. We provide our customers with solutions, that not only bring them bigger revenues, but solutions that are scale-able and sustainable for a long time to come! We maintain, manage and execute your campaigns ensuring a better return on your social media spending.

Our range of social media marketing packages are suited for businesses who may have never embarked on social media platforms before, all the way to business with an already strong online market presence yet  keen to get a fresh approach!

Connect with us, and we will provide you with a solution to fit your exact budget no questions asked >

print advertising

Despite the widely held opinion that print advertising is no longer an option, the shear fact that print media still exists and is out there for purchase by the public, it should definitely not be abandoned as part of a strategic marketing plan for any business. It remains an extremely strong form of advertising which is reinforced by all other digital platforms.

Research suggests that target audiences are more focused and able to process information in printed form when the advertising is presented alongside content relevant to them, in a magazine for instance.


Print advertising should always be part of a businesses marketing mix, and is an integral part of spreading brand presence.

ZOO has extensive experience in this area, and we provide budget friendly package combinations for a mix of both online and offline solutions to suit all businesses large or small keen to get brand exposure fast.


Contact us for a free audit of your existing marketing strategy, and we will provide you with a free budget estimate straight to your inbox!



From story boarding to full production, we create videos that speak your message! 

Video marketing is an integral part of online interaction with target audiences. Be it videos for YouTube, Facebook or a general marketing business video displaying your products and services - ZOO has the facilities and expertise to bring your business to life with videos you will be proud of.

So, "stick your neck out there" and get noticed! Contact us today for a quote to fit your budget! >

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"choice is the only thing that separates man from animals..."


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